Mike & Whitney

Jonny was our wedding photographer, and he did an amazing job. He was very easy to contact and responded back very quickly to any questions or thoughts I had. He was organized and flexible with the timeline for the wedding day. I was blown away by the beautiful shots that he took of us and our day. Through each photo, it was very easy to tell that Jonny has a love for photography, and does well to capture the emotion and detail of each moment. Thanks to Jonny, our day went very smoothly and I would absolutely recommend him. Thanks again, Jonny for making our day so special and capturing it beautifully. We love our photos and will enjoy looking through them again and again.
— Whitney Smith

Scenic family photo shoot

Loved hanging out with these guys and getting some fun pictures. Its always a bonus when the sky turns out to be beautiful and you get some some awesome views.


Caelan & Monica

There was nothing but smiles for these two all day! So happy for you guys! Thanks for letting me take part in your big day.

Caelan & Monica-100.jpg
Caelan & Monica-93.jpg
Caelan & Monica-99.jpg
Caelan & Monica-195.jpg
Caelan & Monica-175.jpg
Caelan & Monica-190.jpg

Ottawa Valley in the fall

I’m convinced the Ottawa valley is the most beautiful place in the fall. I love the colours and landscape I have to work with to get awesome family photos.


Danny & Jodi

Can't wait to see Danny & Jodi get married.  They will be such cute newlyweds. Thanks for letting me capture some stunning shots to document your engagement. They look so good because you guys are so stunning. 


Photos by the Creek

This is one of my favourite family shoots. I love that these kids are so full of energy and love life so much that just being able to throw rocks in a creek is an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning. I feel honoured to be able to be there and capture some memories for them.   

Cute couple + Sunset + Slit Barn = Great Shoot

Loved hanging out with Rob and Tara. Got the opportunity to steal them away from their three kids for an hour to take some cute pictures. I love the area around the Slit Barn in Cambridge. When the sun is going down, everything is just so golden and magical, and there is so much natural beauty that makes my job as a photographer that much easier.  Can't wait to shoot their kids in a couple of weeks. 



Oh the love of siblings

There is nothing like capturing pure, raw, unposed emotion. These twins kill me with there love for each other. I can't get over how cute they are!! 

Baby Audrey 's first days

Baby Audrey is loving life with her family.  The third daughter in this beautiful family is just the right fit. I had a blast with this lifestyle family shoot.