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Jonny Flietstra

I am a Pembroke, ON based lifestyle photographer, who loves capturing memorable moments for couples and families. My absolute favourite time to shoot is in the evening when the sun is on its way down and the light is beautiful and golden.

I love shooting weddings and making the day as easy for the couple as possible. I am a relaxed and stress free kind of photographer who’s aim is to catch those candid moments. You, enjoying your day, is my goal!

Facts about me:

  • I love wedding photography because it’s challenging. It forces me to master several types of photography and use them all in one day. I start with photo journalism, then switch to documentary style photography. Next, I move to portrait and fashion photography. Then, I like to tackle landscapes and food photography. Finally, to end the night, I get to capture action shots on the dance floor.

  • I hate being in front of big groups and public speaking. This means I won’t be up in between you during the ceremony.

  • I love capturing real moments. I guarantee, you will get some awesome candid shots of yourself and your guests enjoying themselves.

  • I am not the kind of photographer that shows up to your wedding with a full studio worth of lights and reflectors. I like to be in the moment and capture the mood of that moment. Not posing every shot, I would rather you enjoy your big day.

  • I love fresh roasted coffee. There is nothing like watching a great bean bloom in the top of a Chemex.

  • I will try to convince you to take a break from your reception between courses and take some shots as the sun is setting. Everything just looks magical in the golden light.

  • I do not do Boudoir photography. I am a dude and that’s just too awkward.

  • I love B&W photography! I will give a huge discount to the first couple who lets me shoot the entire day in B&W.

  • I love to travel!! Hint, Hint. If you are planning a wedding somewhere cool overseas and hire me, there is good chance I will pay my own way there.

  • I have three young kids who love to explore. Check out many of their adventures on my social media.

  • I love exploring the Ottawa Valley for awesome spots to take pictures. If you know of some off the beaten path locations, let me know, I’m new to the Valley.

  • If you made it this far on the list, ask me when you book about my discount for those who make an effort to ask people to put their phones away during the ceremony. I want your pictures to be the best they can be and for your guests to be in the moment and not watching you through a 3 inch screen.

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382 Hila Road

Pembroke , Ontario

K8A 6W3